Friday, July 23, 2010

Nevaeh-Heaven 9mo

I took pics of all my kids at new born, 6mo and 12mo. I have a place where I put my babies pics frame. In case Heaven ends up with us, I want to do almost the same 9mo, 12mo and 15mo. If there is a new born pic of her, i ll be lucky. I also post these because is the only way grandma Ann can see them.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


First minutes after meeting Heaven.

Harrison is actually really happy Heaven in in our home, I know this picture does not say that.

Posted by PicasaShe is so easy to put to sleep. I put her in bed , she stays there quiet and 10 min later she is out.


Hailey is having fun with Heaven. At the same time she has her moments wishing she was the baby.

The first two days Heaven did not smile has much. This was one of few smiles on the second day. By Sunday she was giggling and smiling a lot specially if Hailey and Harrison were around.

Posted by PicasaDoug was the first to see and hold Heaven, I was on the restroom. I wont' forget Doug's glowing face holding her and looking at me saying: Can you believe it, here she is, isnt't she adorable".

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nuevo Vallarta 2010

We were lazy all day.
This year the older boys spent more time on the ocean playing on the waves than in the pool.
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Nuevo Vallarta 2010

We stayed in the same place 2 years ago, we loved it. The weather was perfect 80sh 24 hrs around, couple of day was clouded, this help Doug no get sun burn.
Hailey on her beach outfit. two ladies did her hair in 15 min. It was so much easier to have braids, no hair on her face in the pool and no worries of doing her hair afterwards.
Posted by PicasaDylan, Hunter and Hayden would spent hours bodysurfing. We would wantched them from our patio.

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We chased dolphins, Doug and the boys would jump on the ocean hopping the dolphins were intereted in playing. The pass by several packs but they did not stop to play. Still the dolphines swam really close to them.
Here is one of some many we saw.

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orphanage Hunter's book project

This activity was the hightlight of our trip. We were 18 in our group, we were no enough. The kids wanted to hear the stories and spent time with us. Hailey read to a little girl, who was facinated because she could not understand the story, it was in English. She still love to have Hailey's attention.
The stuff from the horphaneage joined us. They seemed to have a good time with this activity. The coordinator for this activity mentioned that they have never thought to read to the kids before. I would no be surprice if this was the first time for most of them to be read.
Hunter really tried to speak Spanish and the kids really like his attention, they thoght that he was funny and nice.
Posted by PicasaSome local LDS youth came to participated. Also a week latter Doug's UNM students spent 3 hours with the kids.
The kids were so excited to see a lot of books.
She could no decided witch one she wanted to read.
Julio and this little boy having one by one time. My friend later told me that she was glad that her kids were able value how bless they are having loving parents. I wonder at the end who benefit the most.
Posted by PicasaHunter did his best to speak in Spanish, the kids actually like to hear different Spanish.
During the day, the kids wear uniforms. Some of them have preschool in the morning. This place is only for kids 0 to 6 years old.
The place is great, a lot of grass and the facilities were clean and simple. People told me that this horphanage is actually a luxury compare with other ones.

Posted by PicasaWe brought diapers and formula. There are 80sh kiddos, half are under the age of 2.
After reading we toured the place. These little ones were having their afternoon snack in the courtyard. I was surrpice how quiet and happy they were, maybe it was because we caught their attention.
There were couple babies still napping. The baby dorm was clean and nice. I asked a lady what do they do if a baby cries during the night, she said that they attended them quick to keep everyone else sleep.
They loved to be held, they said that these babies were no hold enough. This baby girl was smiling and cooing for us.
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Guanajuato, Leon

Mommies in Guanajuato, kind of scary.

Here I am with the High School friend. She lives in Aguascalientes with the husband and two boys. She drove (1hr) a friday to come to see us. We spent the day together, so fun to see her.
We visited Guanajuato, really interesting little city. There are underground streets. There are a lost of stairs on the hallways to get to place to place. Definitly a place to see.

Hunter has the same b day that his cousins Tania (18) and Dylan (14). When he was born, I called my mom that night to let her know the news. She reponded that my siste in law has given birth in the morning as well. We celebrated their b day together in Leon in my cousins' home.
Posted by PicasaHayden playing hard againts Dylan who is rerally good at soccer.