Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It was a wonderful day to visit places where Joseph Smith was raise and where the 1st vision took place.

Our friends the Paynes were there.
This i s a field right out the sacred grove.
.The day after the pageant, we took a hike where the actors did the pageant
We are waiting for atour to the house where Joseph Smith was raise.
Outside Joseph Smith house, where he grow up with his family.
In this room Joseph S shared bedroom with his brothers.
It was a special experience to be in the sacred grove. The children at first were irreverent, T told them to imagine Joseph S walking while looking for the right place to prayer. They were so reverent after that looking for the spot JS had the 1st revelation.


I never in my dreams thought that I could see such a sight. It was breath taking away.

We took a boat to look the Niagara close, we all got soak.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We are waiting to enjoy the show Hill Cumura pageant
This was a wonderful scene. Jesus Christ visiting the people on The Americas.
Our friends the Carsliles and the Paynes were also there that night. What a great crowd.
Of the the actors took the time to take a picture with us.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

New York 07

The kids were ecstatic with crazy, rash environment in New York
We were able to go to the play Mary Poppins. The first time for the kids to go to a Broadway play.
The play was amazing, but the seats were horrible. There was no room for the feet. The location was good, we were able to see the play very well.
I was mad to see this picture. I was trying to be romantic but Doug was distract apparently something more important.
Statue of the Liberty. What a sight. We learned by the guide the story of the place.
It was so hot and the guy was trying to make money by tips of people taking pictures with him. He was actually really good.

Harrison was so protective of Hailey around the crowd.
Hunter had to leave his Boston hat in the car. It would be dangerous to go with it in the Yankees stidium. In the way from the parking lot, Doug lost the tickets. It took him 20 min to find them. He prayed to find them and sure the Lord heard him.
I did not know what was happening in the game, baseball is no my favorite. However the kids were on top of it.

I sight of the city of New York from the Empire State Building.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Visiting Washington DC/New York

We walked tons to see all around. The kids actually appreciated all the history behind.