Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tampa Fl, 2010

We visited Universal Studios two of the seven days we were in Florida. The older I get the faster the years go, I want to bad to grab family life and squeeze the most I can.
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The kids played hours together on the beach. My favorite part of the trip.

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After being by the ocean, they still had energy for more swimming. They got on the pool the last day for couple of hours, none of us were ready to leave.Posted by Picasa

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The second and the sixth day, we visited Universal Studios. We loved Wiziarding World of Harry Potter, so creative and fun for all. Heaven was perfect, she would take naps on the stroller and happy when she was awake.

Hailey and Harrison still enjoying with their immagination all they experience, the older boys looking for the trill of the big rides, of course I was woth them, we make a great trio riders.
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Tampa Fl 2010

The older boys had two weeks off for Fall break and Doug had a conference in Tampa. So, we took oof the younger ones out of school and took off for some fun.
It was much easier than previous family vacations, perhaps my kids are older and helpful. The best part was to see my kids playing for hours bulding a fort, no fitting only cooperation, any parent had to enjoy that.
The weather was perfect, no tto hot, high 80's and since we were 1/2 block from the beach, Doug would take the baby for a nap while I stay reading my book while watching the kids. I love this type of vacations because i found time for myself while everyone else has fun.
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Monday, October 18, 2010


Hailey is been always a good sleeper, she looks a beutiful sleeping beuty.
Hunter is 14. I love this picture of him. He is turning a hansome young men. He is no only good looking outside, he has a giant spirit. I feel so bless to have a son like Hunter.
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El Rancho lad Golondrinas

Hailey and Lizzy know each other since borth, they played at least once a week. They are cute together.

They saw how from wood is made thread and from thread to blankets.
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NM fair

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Hayden and his football team having fun after a hard practice. Sadly they did not win one game, it was inspiring to see them not giving up after all. Hayden made 2 of the 4 touchdowns for the team and he as able to be in different possition, he loved it. I am no sure i am made to have a son on football, we ll see if I can bear it next year. Hayden's words: I know is hard but I love it.
We have bbem in Abq for 10 years and finally took my little kids to the NM Fair. The older kids went woth a class field trip. It was fun after all. the kids visited the Mcdonnald farn. The had to get their green for the crop, eggs fro the chicken coop, and milk the cow. At the end they got a popsicle.

Harrison and his friend Cooper ropping
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

BYU game

Hayden, Heaven and me stay home because last the Hayden had to play as a Q. We try to have fun. We had lunch at CHili's and watch a movie together.
Doug took Hunter, Hayden and Hailey to Colorado to the BYU game. They loved the hotel with slide pool and just to see other friends from ABQ.
It is the first time Hailey leaves me behind, she had a blast.
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