Monday, October 31, 2011

Road ride

Hayden used to belong to a triathlon club at school 2 years ago. They biked 3 times a week but never made it to races because they were on Sundays. He participated in a triathlon on August with no much training. The bike he road was 20 years old and his time was no so good. I found this bike on craiglist for an amazing price, it is much better than mine. Today in our ride, I would lost him out of my sight in a minute, he was so fast, 24 mi/hour. He is having fun and good for me to have a parter who to ride with. We are planning to ride Saturdays. Maybe I became faster, if not I ll have a bonding time with my son, much better.
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween 2011

Harrison-banana and his best friend Cooper-scary
Harper- bumble bee
The gross lab.
Hailey loved to be in the costume parade, she was a perfect Dorothy.
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Harper is 2

In the morning she opened one present, a toy cell phone, she loved it and made calls all day.
The grand celebration was after dinner. Doug could not be there but all kids were so excited to celebrate her b day. She is a bless sister with sibblings that adore her and celebrated everything she does.
Harrison choose the cake, you can tell by the candy worms decoration.
She loveeeeed her frag costume from Grandma Ann. She also was excited about her coupe car.

I felt bad that I was gone to the hospital all day. Doug also wished he could be there, however we ll celebrated many more b days.
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Warrior Triathlon

Hayden really wanted to participated in a triathlon after seen me last month doing one for only women. I was no quite as motivated but I trained some, I wanted to support him. Hayden trained some because 8th grade is been demanding. He had a injure knee, so he did not run much hoping it would heel. He paced himself to avoid pain, the bike did not change gears as usual and he swim good after swimming 4 times for the race. The first time is always just for the experience, maybe he ll try next time for a more competitive goal. I am just proud that he stayed with the goal despite all the obstacles.

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Bosque Branch

The city asked our stake to help with the a clean up before bal lon fiesta. Members walked to assigned main streets and pick up trash seen in the road. It was hard work but fun. The mayor took pics with some member of he branch.

This was the first clean up stake activity.

The ward we shared activities had a talent show. They invited the branch and members loved to participated on it. Hunter was my partner, since Doug was feeling not to good that week. Hunter learned the dance in one practice since he is been so busy with school, seminary, mock trial club and Pte of the class. He had the best actitude, I am a proud mother of amazing kid.
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Fall activities

Hailey started soccer. In the first game she made a really cool goal. She is so fast and has endurance, she also is really condinated. She is small but running, she keeps with taller kids. It is so fun to see her.

Hailey's class field trip, the weather is perfect. She was the only girl in her group (4 boys) and she did not mind. She hang out with a 8 year old. They wer planning to make a band, Hailey as a singer and the boys as making instruments sounds.

Cootowood had a really fun foundraiser. The firemen sprayed the people, ofcourse Harrison was the first one there.

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Doug had 6 mo check after the stem sell treatment. He took Harrison and Hayden.
They attended a foorball and baseball game. They had a blast bounding father and sons.
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