Sunday, September 12, 2010

Explora field trip

First time to Heaven in Explora. She loved the baby area. She also enjoyed to see Harrison and Hailey doing all the fun stuff.
There was almost nobody in explora that day. Hailey and Harrion spend a long time making bubbles. Harrison also worked on the chain reacion lab, I took a video of his project, really cool. Hailey also work in with gears and created a frog jumping up and down with three gears. She was so proud of herself.

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First day school 2010

Hunter is starting 8th grade and Hayden 7th grade. They love the no uniform policy. I am no so in love with it. They are great kids, they work hard and try to be a good examples. They both run as a class president but neither were elected. Most likely because they were elected last year. Hayden did not care much, Hunter was crush, he loves to be involved and serve. He ll learn to follow this year.
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First day of school 2010

Lucky Harrison has 8 LDS students in his class. He also has two of his best friends. His teacher is Mr. Mike and he seems to be fun at the same time strict about class rules and challenging for academics.

Hailey was so excited to start 1st grade. She is with the same teacher and half of the kids from the previous year. She was so excited to be the one of the oldest in her class, she likes to help the new kindergartens in her class.