Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hunter Freshmen class president

Hunter have always enjoy to be involve in the community. He has been 6th and 7th grader class president. He was no sure to try in high school. He did not know many kids there because Hunter went to charter school and did not know kids from the two big middle school that feed Volcano Vista high school. He decided to try. I sophmore friend from church helped him with some poster boards designs. We did 8 and put a picture of him. I believe they were the best poster of the 4 runners. His slong was " You're the boss, I am your voice". We made 150 tags with the slong and pass them around. Apperently many students wanted them, after all they wanted to be part of the campaign. Friends helped Hunter to put the posters and pass the tags. He gave 1 minute speech and it was great. He was confident without being arrogant, just how Hunter is. I am so glad he can have this experience, I know he likes to feel useuful at school.
I was so nervous for him but the memory of him being 2 Lb 4 oz in the hospital as a new born was with me. He was small but healthy and fighting to get in life. Since then Hunter have always surprised me. I have learned never to understimated him because he always gets where he wants to be. I SO MUCH LOVE THIS KID.

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Harper 23 mo

The heat is down in the afternoons. Hailey started soccer and Harrison flag football, so we go to the park twice a week. Harper loves it every minute.

I took Harper to a tumbling class. I thought that she would be too young but I was wrong, she follows the activities, however she cries every time she has to wait her turn. I guess that is how she ll learn.

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