Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 10

Hannah has a b'day on January. We had a good time celebrating her 2 b' day. Megan made a very creative cake. Harrison right away notice that the cupcakes were bubbles.
Doug also has a b'day on January. Ann and Bill came from Las Cruces to celebrate his B'day. We had steak for lunch, his favorite. That day there was Stake Conference, he was busy most all the day with that. He still had lunch and dinner out and cake at the end of the day with the family.

My b'day is at the end of January. We celebrated at Chucky E cheese's, a movie and a cake. Estrella and Erika had fun with us that day. Estrella originally told us that she wanted her b'day on Ckuck e. ch. on March. We knew she would not be us by them and decided to celebrate mine there. Their parents are working hard to get them back from CYFD. We hope the best for them. We still waiting for a girl that would need at home, we are so ready for it.
Doug and the boys got me the most cute cards. This is from Hunter, it has all his signature on it. I took picture if them because I know eventually, they'll get lost and I really like them.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome 2010

Fun food, friends, games, and good time was the way we say hello to 2010.