Sunday, November 25, 2007

Family Picture

Family picture 2007 in our home.
She is chilling out in her bed, she was singing a song, Brianna took this candid pic
I do not remember taking this picture.
The brothers were no following her rules in the tea party.
Brianna asked Hailey her age, so she showed her.
This picture seems tto say: "The four fruits of our love"
Doug looks so adorable and hot. Doesn't everybody agree?
The kids enjoy so much taking picture, they were so out of control, I was even embarrassed with Brianna, who seem to think that was great.

My kids favorite it, making silly faces.

I posted a lot of this pictures. I love them. Brianna really did a great job. It shows our family personality. This pictures were taken in our one year old home. It was the best experience.
It was Sunday afternoon, I totally forgot and Brianna just took pictures of us in a natural seeting.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving/Halloween 07

Thanksgiving 2007. Hailey, Emma and Ali
Harrison, Ethan and Roxy.
Hunter and Hayden with friends.
Halloween. Pirate (Hunter), Soccer player (Hayden), Phantom (Harrison), Princess (Hailey)
We decorated out door for first time. The kids had so much fun.