Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hayden's Eagle scout project

Shane Cleveland was a great support in this project, he recruited adults triathlon to fix the donated bikes, young scouts mostly learned and assisted.


Hayden and Dakota were hard workers.

It took 2 hours and 32 people to fix 11 bikes. It was awesome.

The bikes will be donated to join junction.
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Lisa's bridal shower

It was a fun shower. I did some decor and ideas from pinterest. Not totally me, I am the least crafty person but pinterest helps some.

Lisa is so beautiful inside and out.

Cheryl and me

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New girls look

Harper's corner

Hailey's corner

First Hailey roller skate experience.
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Doug's b day

Doug, Jared and Andi turned 40. yeahhh! getting older with me.
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Dora B day 2013

I remember my b day 2 days before, unconsionasly I want to ignore it because Doug is younger.
My unwanted b day turned awesome. Started with extra love from my girls and breakfast in bed.

My main present, Rumba, it sweeps my floors daily. I work out while it cleans my floor. The best of all because I love my floors clean and work out to feel good.

My mom made Mole for my dinner, of course with Diet Pepsi was a complete dinner.

Flowers from my hubby and my friend Andi. Chipotle for lunch and a delicious cake fro Jeni my friend.
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2012 Christmas Eve tradition for 11 years: sledding fun

Harper loved it every minute.

Tania's first time plsying in the snow.

Dylan's first time as well.


Lunch at La Choza after sleeding 
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Dylan & Tania baptism

What a great day for our family. Cousins getting baptism Dec 2012

Hunter baptism Dylan & Doug baptism Tania

Tania's friends in Abq

Dylan's friends at his baptism.

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