Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer 10

I am not ready for Summer go away. It happen a lot of fun and good things this Summer for us. The kids played a lot with friends. We visited fun places in town, with exception of the zoo and explora, we'll do those as a field trip.
Hailey participated in Sunchine generation camp, she loved to performed in front of people.
Hayden started pracice football on the Summer for the fall season. One of his positions is a running back. The first scremage was paintful to see him get tuckled over and over. The blockers are still learning meanwhile everytime Hayden gets the ball (65% of the time) he would get tuckled. I am no sure I can see that every game. However he seems having fun between all the demands.
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This was the first year for Hayden to go to all week camp in a LDS scouts camp. He loveeeeed it. I so some grow in him. Maybe he realized all those LDS kids were fun and good. He has more comments during FHE and family scripture.
Hunter had also a growing experince at camop with older kids, was more spiritual camp. Doug was able to go couple days with them and have sons/father time.

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Posted by PicasaHailey also participated in a cheer camp. She can now do car wheel and summersaults
Hailey got her first pedi this Summer. A friend wanted to do that for her b day.

We had spent a lot of time at the pool thus Summer and Heaven came with us, she loved it of course.

Posted by PicasaHeaven coming to our home was the hightlight of the Summer. We were approved from CYFD more than a year ago, we did not get calls. I kept praying that it will be The Lord's will and I even thought that maybe the Lord did not think that was for us.
But four days after our Mexico trip, I got the call and Heaven came to our home.
It was the perfect time and situation, nothing is for sure until the end but we just love her as she is staying with us forever.