Sunday, January 9, 2011

Doug's Bday

The 8 stands for 38, yes he is young and hot.
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

winter in Utah.

The kids made a train to sled down.
Harper first big snow day.

The favorite thing for my kids was playing with cousins.
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Winter in Utah

The kids had a blast in Utah. They sled and got super wet and cold.

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Christmas morning 2010

The boys could not believe that Santa brought them paint ball guns. They shoot a lot but they did not hit any target, meaning no paint clothes for me to wash, maybe they'll get better.
My kids ask me all the time to do fondue, but either do not have ingridients or I do not feel like cleaning the mess. Christmas eve was the perfect day, I myself could not stop dipping cake and straberries.
It is always fun and cute to see the excited faces of my kids looking into their Santa presents. Hailey is the only that do not know about Santa, so the boys play it perfect for her to have a magical moment. I guess, Harper does not know either, but too young to get the whole thing.
Harper was as excited as the rest of the bunch. Harrison favorite was his remote control car that can go 60 miles p/h in 7 sec.
Hailey's favorite is her american doll.
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NM Ball

Hayden, Hunter, Harrison and friends sat on the front row, Hayden was on ESPN and Harrison jumbo tron. Good times
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