Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Denver after 1st week at school

Doug and the boys went to the Broncos games while the girls went to the Denver Aquarium.

We got a flat tired in the way to the game, so I had to go to the shop to change the tired. I new about the mermaids but did not tell the girls about it in case we were late to see them.
Luckly, they was one waiting and they girls talked to her for a long time. It was magical for both, specially for Harper, she was facinated with her.
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School start 2012

Hailey is a third grader, she started going to the neigborhood school, Tierra Antigua. It has been a change, with good and difficult days. She has to make new friends and get used to new schedule.
Harper and me joined her at her lunch.

Harper's friends, ther ate going to preschool together. This girls play a long really good, no fight, well not yet.

This picture was taking right after they found out about the car they would ne driving around.
Originally, I told them that they would drive my parents 2001 chevy and they were excited but due to insurence change of plans were made.
They were so grateful and we just hope for not accidents, at least not major one.

First drive home.
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

End of Summer

Harper loves the pool and her googles

Harper another favorite thing at the pool is snack.

Hayden was rushing me to go to the pool this day. I found out why.

Cousins pool time

They had fun together

Hailey and Lizzie, bestsies. When both were in town, they would spent all day together.

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