Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hailey's 7th b'day

We had Hailey to blow her candle on the day of her b day. Doug was in Mexico for Hailey's party but he was able to celebrated it on her actual b day.
Breakfast in bed. French toast with power sugar, strawberries, orange, bacon and chocolate milk it is her favorite
Hailey's B day party theme was: "Favorites things Hailey likes to do":
1. Paiting and gardening flowers. Each girl paited their own pot and planted a flower to take it home.
2. Scavenger hunt: Each girl had their own 4 clues to go around the back and front yard and find a cute bracelet. It was challenging but fun.

3. Musical chairs. When anyone was out the game, they enjoyed a popcicle, they did not mind to lose.
4. Pin the tail in the donkey. Kids always like this game for some reason.
5. Pinata. All the girls had a time to try to break the pinata and at the end Hailey put a lot of energy to break it. All the other girls shouted "break it Hailey, break it".
Hailey making a wish and had a traditional Mexican cake bite, she loves it and wants to do it every b day

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Aquarium and Girls night out

Harper wanted so bad to touch the fish, she was so excited to see the beutiful and big fish.

A friend hosted GNO for moms and daugthers, while father ans son went camping for celebartion of the restaoration of the priesthood.
The moms painted the girl's nails and gave them a facial. It was a great evening. That day Hailey lost adittional two teeth, she is not eatting much apples lately.

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Botanic Garden

Hailey with Harper and her classmates
Harper takes only one nap, so now she can enjoy the field trips.

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May 2010

I have been in Explora hundreds of times, since Hunter and Hayden were little and I will probably will be going for more years. My kids love this place. Harrison and his friend Cooper spend most of the time setting up a catapult and it was awsome

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's day

Doug and I spent 24 hours in Santa Fe. We both had a massage and enjoyed dinner. He is smiling here, but he was still kind of sick. I, on the other hand enjoyed to be away and kids free. I walked in the plaza shopping while Doug took a nap before coming home.
The first half of my mother's day was good, but the second was no, I felt sick, I just glad that lasted 12 hours.
I just realized that I do have pictures with my mom only. She is the best, fun, helpful, supportive, kind and knows bounderies with my family. I am so bless and happy to have her living with us. She is being less active for years, with the creation of the Spanish branch, she is being attending and enjoying of the spirit. During church, she told me that she hopes to be ready to be back to the temple by the time we get seal to Harper. No a better mother's day present I could have.
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