Saturday, June 27, 2009

Teneessee Grandma's funeral

We planned almost one year before to visited Grandma Thomas and celebrated her 90th birthday with her in Tennessee. Unfortunately she died one day before we could get there. Doug had talked to her one week before and she has excited for our visit. I felt horrible for Doug. Grandma was for him the perfect grandma everyone would like to have. She had hard times in her lifetime but she faith was so vivid that would inspired anyone who got to know her. I still remember that first time I meet her. She was so interested in me and my family, right away I felt her acceptance and love. She did not have a lot of money, however she would never miss to send few dollars to all her great grand kids. We all miss her.
Here is Jerry, Doug and the kids after the funeral with grandma in the back.
Here is all the immediate family members: Jerry and Susan; Michel and Holly with their three children; Ann, Lauren and Megan; Doug and Dora and children.
Besides grandma lies grandpa and aunt Agnes. Also the boys put flowers to their grandpa Morty Thomas who is also there.
After the funeral, Jerry and Susan had us over to eat and the kids played in the pool. It was a great family reunion.

Alabama 09

There is a great story with this picture. Apparently Doug months ago found a lady on line who claimed that she had in her possession a painting from CCBowel, (Dougs great-great granfather) that she bought in a garage sale. Doug never had a mail back from her. At the same time Tom found the same info and bought the painting from her. She mentioned to him that another person name Thomas contacted, but she lost his e mail. Tom took Doug to the basement and showing the painting. The both have love for geneology.

Cookie and Kim drove twice that weekend to hung out with us. They are such a pleasant company. Cookie brought me back a bottle of shampoo that I left at her house five years ago that we visited them. I thought that was so thoughful and cute.
Look at the huge trees, everithing is so green and outside smells like a vegetation. I was so crazy about humidity but still beutiful scenery.
Doug with his older cousins, Tom Horton and Tommy who lives in Atlanta.
Megan and Lauren also were there, they flew from SLC and ABQ to grandmas funeral

Diann is in the middle. She is Tom's wife. Ww both liked each other. She was so kind to all of us, my kids kept telling me how much they liked her. Tom and Diann were wonderful hostes.
Noah and Josh (Tom's kids) Raley (Tommys' doughther) and my kiddos had a great time playing along. 30 min before I took this picture, there was a huge storm. I could not believe how dry the grass was. I if course sprayed all the kids with mosquito repellent.
Susi (Coockie's doughther)and Trudy (Tom's wife) hunging out with Ann. Susi looked fabulous. Trudy helped me tons with the Mexican dinner, and she complimented it the food.
I took a picture after some people have left. It was a great trip and a great introduction to our kiddos to our extended southern family.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hayden worked so hard to earn his arrow of light. He is becoming a scout and so excited about his first camp out. He packed two days before.
Harrison has been waiting to become a cub scout, that is what happen to the third boy. He loves to go to his den meetings and hung out with all 8 year old boys. He brings me his book to work in requirements often. His enthusiasm overwhelms me a little. I am actually happy that he want to learn new skills.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hayden said goodbye to Elementary

Hayden graduated from Elementary school today. He will be starting Middle school.
I am nervous for him. Peer pressure and load of homework won't be easy. He is so sweet and mellow and soon he'll be irritable. I am not sure I am ready.
He had the same teacher for three years in a row. She was perfect for him.

He gave a speech in the graduation. He wrote it, memorized and practice since he gets really nervous in front of people. He did amazing.

Cooking w/Harrison

Harrison last 2nd school project. Finally, he loved them, me I do not. This was a fun project. He cooked three dishes and made a cookbook. Here is making a Wacky cake.

Easy Parmesan chicken
Mexican Rice