Sunday, March 28, 2010

Disney World during Spring break

This was our third visit. We spent 8 days visiting the parks. I have to admit that this was my favorite time. We knew what we wanted to see and. We would arrive at 9am and leave at around 4 pm to eat, rest and swim. The weather was a key, it was cloudy low 70's. Past visits it has been so hot and humid, quite miserable for us that live in dry weather.
The first day we got to see the night parade and fireworks. Hailey really enjoyed this time at DW. During the fireworks there is story going on, Hailey whispered to me: "I made my wish bit I can not tell you because it won't became true" I realized that she was listening and I was not. I have to admit that it made me cry to see such an innocence and imagination.
We visited Epcot our second day.

Doug was always with his map planning our next spot. We did everything we planed to do thanks to him.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hailey and Friends

I booked a lunch with the princesses for me and Hailey. She loved the fancy restaurant and visiting with the princesses. I had fun seeing Hailey pretending we were in a real palace with royal people.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Animal Kingdom has a Safari, we were lucky that a giraffe stopped for snack in front of our track.
It was early morning and the animals were passing by us. It was so fun.
Hailey's favorite ride was The Dinosaurs In Animal Kingdom. At first she was scare and after that first time, we rode it again because she love it.
We stopped once a while to rest.
Hollywood Studios was fun. The first time there I was picked as an extra to be in the Indiana Jones's show. The second time Hunter, Hayden and me rode the Tower of Terror twice, still the scariest for me. Harrison and Doug had the gust to ride the Rock and Roll ride, it goes to 60m/h in three seconds. I had to convinced Harrison to do it an the end it was favorite.

Harrison's second favorite was Toy Story mania.

Hailey and Doug sat in the wet seat in the River Rapids. She loved it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Harrison's 9th b'day

The pinata did not last long. Those boys were strong and it took less then 5 min this activity.
He is into The Colts, so he choose a cake with their logo.
I can believe my younger boy is turning 9. He will always be my baby. 8 friends came to his party and play hard.
Here they are racing with a spoon in their mouth holding a ball. They play Popsicle flavor game, the buyer orders a flavor Popsicle and whoever has that flavor runs and the buyer has to catch him. Once catch there is a new buyer. Their favorite was playing flag football.

It was a beautiful day but no perfect, there was wind on and off but of course the kids did not even notice. On party done three to go in the next few months.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hunter ready on line to run his 400 meters. He was 5th place. He was 3rd place on 100 meters. He participated on 800 meters and 100 m X 4. They only trained 3 days before the meet. I do not think that they were ready, however Hunter and Hayden had fun and were happy to participated.
Hunter was the anchor for the 4 X 100. They were in last place, poor kids.
Hayden took 1st place on 100 meters, he did not like 800 meters.
Hayden was before the anchor on the 4 X100, they took 2nd place.
They got home exhausted. Hayden had feet and one knee pain. I made him to sink his feet on cold water for 10 min and then to hot water. He felt better after that.
They were gone from 3 pm to 7:30 pm and participated in 4 events. Both of them could not finish their homework that night. I was planning to take them to school late next morning, so they could rest and finish their homework. To my surprise, both were up at 6:30 to finish their homework and being on time at school. I am glad they are learning responsibility at this age. I love my boys and I am so glad to be their mom.

Harrison's wolf award

Harrison was so excited to earned his wolf badge. He is moving to Bears at the end of the month.
Each cub scout decorated his own cake with icing and candy. After the dinner we eat it all.
I might think that after helping two boys before, I would be on target helping Harrison getting his wolf earlier. That was no the case, we procrastinated some requirements and finished them on month before his birthday. It might sound an excuse, but Harrison is our perfectionist and being relax about this is actually good for him.