Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 09

I love this moment, my almost 12 year still ok with me kissing him. He said "only because it is Christmas Eve Mom"
Daddy and daughter on Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning, kinds were so excited that Santa stopped by.
They named themselves the HT's band. The boys had so much fun playing together all day. They run around playing ward with nurf tag guns and being a band with Beatles and Lego rock band.
Hailey keep asking how Santa was able to bring a bunny. It is only 6 weeks, Hailey named him Snow Flake because it comes from the North Pole and because it is white.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 09

Sledding on Christmas Eve is a tradition of our family. We have been doing this for 7 years. Today was perfect day, warm and sunny.

Dec family pics 09

What is wrong with me! I know I can jump higher that that.

December 09

Hunter is trying really hard to keep up with violin. He did wonderful at the recital at his teacher's house.
Hailey was the only one of the kids that wanted to chat with Santa this year. Here, she is whispering in Santa's ear two of the wishes she remember, since she forgot her letter at home.
She was worried that Santa did not have her whole list and two days before Christmas, she asked me to take her to give her letter wish list to Santa. This cute Santa spend the time to her to read it to him. It is sweet to see my last one to believe in Santa. Time went by too fast.
Hailey was so anxious to get snow, she tried to make a snow ball with what a tiny storm brought us. It would be nice to have had more than that.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ann and Bill weeding

Hailey y Harrison opened the ceremony with Ashley and Cristiancito and Hannah and Noah. The girls drop petals on the way to the front while holding hands with their respective brother.
Ann asked Hunter to read at loud some thoughts they wanted to share with everyone there.
Hayden also had a part on it. He was the ring carrier. The kids were so glad to participated and grandma's weeding.
The ceremony took place in our home by our bishop (Bishop Fuller). After that we headed to El Pinto restaurant. We had yummy New Mexican food. Most of us came back to our house and have some cake while watching the Alabama game. Family time is the best.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner

We always love to have people for Thanksgiving dinner. This year was no different, that only difference that everyone was family. Family members came from Alabama. Atlanta , Utah, Tennessee and from here. There were 12 kids and 30 adults. We had good food. the only problem was that I forgot to take out the homemade cranberries sauce and the corn until people were done eating. I guess it was too much for me.
We rented 4 tables to be able to sit everyone.

Here is my hub giving the welcome to our guest.
Some people left after a while and many stayed to play games. The kids loved it. The favorite game was a type of char eds. We all wrote down 8 popular names and putting in a bowl. There were two teams and each team sent a person to give clues about a person on the paper in 1 minute. We accumulated points or erase points if they their team member could not guess it. It was so fun

Turkey day

Here we are on the start line of the 5 k race. It was the first race that Hayden and me participated. Tommy our cousins was with us and he gave us tips. I run my fastest and after i mile I was questioning if I could finish. I remained myself that I have done on my traimail before, so I force to slow down in order to get my own pace. Hayden also started his fast and never see him again, off he went. As a matter of fact he did better time that me.
Hayden at the finish line.
I was behind him with 27 min 15 sec.
Hunter, Harrison and cousins participated on the 1 mile race. Hunter snuck in since the race was for 5 to 10 years old. Hunter got to the finish line way before any other kid.
Here is Harrison in action. At the beginning of the race, he started medium pace, here is passing kids and ended on third place.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Goodbye Hancock

Hancock has a new home, since the first week of November. It was a hard decision to make. Hancock was alone a lot, since the kids would no come back from school until 4 pm. They only would play with the dog for 1 hr since they would have to have dinner, homework, practice instruments. Hancock few our patio covers after being spray with sour spray. Discouraged, I looked on line and find out that Hancock was acting out from being neglected. Right then I new that Hancock was in the wrong home and need it a home were its need will be met. The couple that took him has other two Goldenpoodles, they do not have kids, therefore the dogs are their kids. Hailey was trill because Hancock would jump on her every time she run. Hunter was actually relief that one thing from his pile of responsibilities was out.
Harrison and Hayden had the hardes time to let him gone. They understood the principle but their heart was broken. Doug gave them a blessing the night before Hancock left. I was glad to see the miracle, until today they seem moving forward without Hancock. We had visited Hancock ate his new home and he is spoiled and happy. We all prayed that God will intervened, sure he did.