Saturday, August 29, 2009


We had a great weekend in Colorado at President Sego cabin. The boys enjoyed the out doors and specially the ride to the mountains in the ATV's
President Sego let Hunter and Hayden at the wheel, the loved it and felt big kids.
We were in fun, exciting roads. There were hills, small and big rocks. In our way up, I was too careful and slow, but the time down I felt more confident and had a blast.
I forgot to mention that there was water too.
We had to were jackets in the middle of the Summer because we were 11700 feet high.
August 15, we had a great time riding up the mountains in Colorado. It was my first time doing this. I leaned to ride dirt bikes (my friends) when I was a teen and this was as fun. The view was the best. We saw beautiful pines up there, it is too bad that nobody can get them for Christmas because of the heavy snow.
We had to wear jackets in the middle of the Summer because we were 11700 feet high. Hailey loved it every minute. She was cold for awhile but she still loved it.
Hunter and Hayden were able to drive them with an adult on it. They were really good.

Harrison was also really good driving with Doug.

Monday, August 17, 2009

School 1st day 09-10

Hailey started kindergarten at Nacc, she loves her sweet/patiente teacher. The first day she made new friends. She is also excited about her homework, let see how long that last. She still can't decided to play soccer or ballet. I hope is ballet, once a week activity.

Harrison is back to Nacc as a third grader. He is so lucky to have almost the same classmates that last year and also his two best friends from church are in the same class. He is plat=ying flag football in the Fall and piano lessons.
Hayden was so excited to start in CCPS as a 6th grader. He was familiar with the campus and had friends that he knew before. He loves the idea of his lucker. He is planning to try to the bascketball team in the fall and snowboarding in the winter and piano lessons.
Hunter is back to CCPS as a 7th grader. A lot of his friends were friendly to him the first day, he did not quite how to responded, when a girl came to say say hi and ask for a friendly hug. We prenteded no looking. He is planning to sing up for mountain biking all year round and violin as extra activities.
Hunter and Hayden are lucky to have good friends at school.