Monday, March 19, 2012

Potty training in two days

Harper kept asking me to put her in the potty for two months. I refused of course, I was not ready to do the follow up for months since she was only 2 y 4mo. I even attended a party potty but left early thinking that I did not want to start yet.
One Monday Feb 20th, I decide to give it a try, just to see. well to my surprise, Harper would sit for a long time on the potty with no complain. The first time she pee on it, I ofcourse made a celebration and she loved it, I sat her  every hour and she did not pee much, however she only had one small accident.
The next day, she figured herself to make the effort to pee, again one small accident.
The third day, Harper sat by herself when she felt is was time but I mostly aske her to sit down, she was so obedient.
That was it, because the 4th day she got diarreah and she would run to the potty by herself, she would come to me afterwards to celebrate.
She would wake up dry from nap and from the night, I still put diaper because I did not want to deal with accidents but I am thinking to stop soon.
Harper is sure smart and my champion.
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Disney 3er day

Doug had a blast, his health has allowed him to enjoy more fully many things.

Harrison and Doug rode Screaming for firts time, they rode it 3 times and they loved it.

We meet we our dear friends the Lloyd's, we talked and rode rides. 

The kids pick up the friendship rigthaway. It is a blessing to have good friends. 

We also saw the Brooks  family there.
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Disney 3er day

The boys had lunch at ESP Zone and big rides while I took the girls for a princess time. I started that day with a little sore throat, I felt ok during the day but by 6 pm I felt sick. I was able to get a presciption from a good friend doctor. I am glad i got sick the last day. I used think that Disney was a nightmare vacation, but for some reason this was a great vacation. Maybe because we did what we like to do there and we rashed the crowd less. I kind of miss it.throu

Hailey is very imaginative and she embraces magic and make believe. This might the last year she enjoy this, I just  happy to see her being a little girl.

She decided to wear a dress that will make her be princess Hailey.

We had lunch with the princesses.

Harper's favorite princess is Ariel.

Cinderela was the nicest, she told Hailey that Ariel and she were talking what a beautiful dress Hailey was wearing, she was so personal.
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Disney 2nd day

Hunter was feeling sick 2nd day, poor kid but he had the best activity.

 Harper having a good time in the lady bug ride.

Tower of terror is the ride that scares me the most, I still rode it two times. Hayden and Hunter the best riders buddies.

The Aladin show was great, Hailey and Harrison loved it, I realized that they have not seening the movie.

Screaming is my favorite, smooth and fun. Hayden told me to post for the picture, I rode it 3 times and Hayden 5 times.
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The wait in the front row for the parade was 45 min but I ll do it again, the girls love it every min, BTW it was much shorter than few years ago.

Disney 1st day


Harper did not like this characters, kind of scary for her.

We got there early to the park. We split up from the boys. The girls and me had fun, specially Harper.

The girls could stay there playing for hours

Harper's favorite character was Pooh.

Hailey was really good and getting all character's autographs. 
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