Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hayden's 12th B'Day

Hayden is a mellow, active, smart with great attitude kid. Today in his B'day chose to help me in the morning in cub scout camp. He would show the kids the drills, he played if they need it a person in their team and he was the referee if needed it. Doug pick him up at lunch time with other friends and took him to Hinkle family fun center.
He had a great time doing many things. I love Hayden's smiles, he really had a good day.
Mini golf.
bumper boats.
paint ball
12 is a great age, they still let me kiss them and hug them. They still do not talk back from my lectures, the best part is that they are independent in a lot of things and dependent a many others.
Grandma Ann and Grandpa Bill send me a card and some money. When he opened it, he smiled and said to Doug and me: I really, really like this card, I'll keep it to show it to my kids. The card was simple but in the front said: Priesthood.

Harrison's Cubscout camp

Harrison is a Bear, he loves all the fun things they do in cub scouts.
I was a volunteer helping kids with their athlete requirements. Kids did sport drills and games.
I was so glad I had a good shade for most part of the time. Specially because I was there from 8:30 am to 12pm on Friday and 8:30 to 3 pm on Saturday . I had to say that I was glad to be there with Harrison and support other kids.
I was so surprise how kids love any kind of competition including Duck duck goose game.
The kids were asked to write a note of faith and taped to a balloon, Then they let it go hopping someone will find the note they wrote.
I was quite a beautiful to see al those balloon flying at once. It touch my hear to see what little things make kids so excited.

UNM Law camp

Hunter was selected with other 11 kids 11,12,13 years old to law camp at UNM. I was nervous because, he stayed at the dorms of UNM from Sunday night to Friday afternoon. His roomate was from Ruidoso, we meet him when we dropped him at the dorms. I felt much better after seeing him and the chaperons. He was able to call us every night to tell us how busy they were. They visited courts in session sometimes with people in their orange suit. They were helped by law students from UNM with their mock trial. They had classes and assignments as well. Hunter's favorite part was that he was chosen to be one of the three defender attorneys. We were able to attend to the mock trial took place Friday afternoon in a court room with a real judge. He presented is opening statement that he wrote and edited by a law student. He also cross examined one of the witnesses. At the end of the trail, witch was actually funny, one of the new lawyers from UNM that help with the camp made personal comment to each student. He mentioned that Hunter had been effective in his opening statement in the side of his client by killing the accuser's creditability, he also said that Hunter looked comfortable by keeping eye contact with the jury and the judge and specially that he liked Hunter's passion for the case.
I was so glad to get him home. I know that this type experiences help him to grow, however I want still want him home with me.
Here is getting his diploma of graduation of the camp.
Hunter really enjoyed to work with Ryan (11) the other defender attorney from the East side. The new lawyers from UNM really taught the kids a lot about law.
A director of the program said that these kids were not only the future but also the present leaders. He challenge them to be a good peers by helping the school and communities where they live. I believe that is was a wise statement.

Begining of Summer 2010

Hailey and her friends the last day of school. It was a fun day, they played wet potato, signed shirts, relays, dodge ball and volleyball. They got pizza and Popsicle.
The first day off school, we hit the pool, the best way to start Summer. Last Summer, she learned doggy puddle but needed help with her swimming. She is taking swimming lesson for 1 hr 4 times a week. After 4 days she was able to do free style, float on her back and more.
Tennis lessons at 8 am is a challenge, however I am happy the kids like to go and never complain of the heat. Hailey thinks that she is ready to compete.
Hayden and Harrison are pretty good.

Bowling will part of our lives this Summer.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Elephante Butte lake

In our way from White Sands, we decided to stop at the lake.
Hunter and Hayden loved to drive for few minutes.
It is nice kids that can help, so Doug and I can be in the same picture.
Only Hayden and Lizzie were brave enough to jump into the 65 degrees water. The rest jumped into when we pull aside.
Yes, Harrison had his turn on the wheel. He was nervous the whole time but proud of himself.

White Sands on Veterans day

Harrison being crazy as always.
Hailey sledded once and got scared, I still can not believe that she does not get scared sledding on the snow which is faster. However, she love to played in the soft sand with Lizzie.

We got there early and for 1 1/2 we had a perfect weather. When we left was miserably hot. We left just the heat was coming, here Hayden getting hot and crazy but no sunburn.

Visit to grandparents in Las Cruces

This was craved by someone with a chain saw. Beautiful.
We shopped in the outside market in Las Cruces down town. The kids had the best shave ice and kettle corn popcorn.

Grandma and Grandpa took us to lunch to a great and beautiful place down town Las Cruces.
The kids loved the hot tub at grandparents home. We lowered the water temperature to 85, so they spend hours on it, specially Hailey and Lizzie.

End of school year 09-10

Hunter (7yh) and Hayden (6th) last day of school ended at 11:45. They celebrated their last day going to Five Guys with couple of friends for lunch. They had their friends to our house and these big kids played war with nerds guns and water guns.
Hailey and Harrison had fun in their rehearsal a week before school ended. Hailey's class singed a song from Argentina and Mexico. Harris0n's class singed and danced two songs from Israel.

Hailey was the student that read the most minutes in their found raiser reading program. She got a trophy and a book.
Harrison and his teacher Valerie after their jungle musical performance at school. He was an anteater.