Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer 2011

Explora has been one of the p;aces we have visited.

Cliffs with friends was super fun.

Harrison and Kaiden were nervous the first time in the Rattler, but after the first time, they rode it several times.
The kids love the pool, we go as much as we can.
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Harper's Legal Adoption

June 14 2011 was a special day for our family, Harper was legally adopted in our family. The judge was so friendly, the ceremony lasted minutes but we were so happy that she is all ours. Last week I was reflecting how a blessing she is in our lives, we all laugh more because of his cute attitude and phrases. I also thought how bless she is no so much because of me or Doug but because the sibblings she has, they are patient with her, they love her and watch for her and she loves them back. The sealing in the Temple will be next month.

The judge let the kids use the mallet, including Harper.
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Hunter high adventure

This year high adventure was a Spiritual high. The quorum of teachers had a great experience. Some of them as Hunter have been in SLC before and some have not. What made it special trip was that the quorum were together streghting their testimony. They were really engaged in all the visits and visited SLC temple and provo Temple.
They were blessed to meet President Utchdorf. He was so friendly and personal that they boys felt how special they are because of his love and interest.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hayden's 13 B day

Haydne's b day was on Sunday, so Saturday, we took him for lunch to Red Robin (his choice). The servers sang to him and he got a free dessert.
Sunday on his bday, Harrison and Hailey baked a cake and made the frosting.
Monday, it was the big party to celebrate Hayden and Hunter (june 26). Almost 30 kids. They had a water ballon fight. There were 150 ballons, my fingers paid the price.

Dares games:
He is tryig to lick his toe.
Funnies face
Eating mustard
Eating paper.


Food: hot dogs, chips, soda, nachos, bufulo wings, ice cones, watermelon and cake
Posted by PicasaI was so tired after the party, but Hayden kept told me several times before and during the party: "thank you mom for doing a party for us" . That kept me going.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Harper 19mo

She loves water. She is a small cutie, 19 lbs.
Harper loves our hyper family but he enjoys so much El abuelo. He is so mellow and sweet with her.

She knows that she looks adorable with her glasses. She can keep them on for a long time.
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