Sunday, July 24, 2011

Harper's Sealing to our family

It was such a beautiful Summer day afternoon, July 16 2011. Harper seemed to know that this was a special day.
After the sealing, Harper loved to be around looking flowers and being chase by all of us. Hailey and Harper meant to be sisters. Hailey is caring and loving towards Harper and Harper loves to follow her and do everything Hailey does. One occasion, Harper was getting into stuff, I stopped her and she went looking for Hailey saying: " Hailey, I m crying". Knowing Hailey would console her.

The rest of the kids were so happy to be able to be inside the temple. They were so reverent. When they were brought all the kids to the sealing room, I could not stop the tears of joy. It was one of my favorite moments in life.
It was a windy day, but we could not be happier together walking around The Temple looking Harper running around so happy.

Three years ago, I saw our family picture and I said to Doug that our family looked so small. We talked about starting the process for adoption. It took 1 year to qualify. We waited 1 year for a phone call and the last year exactly, we were Harper's foster parents. I see our family pictures today and I feel not only that is complete but even big. How funny that one small baby can make look our family big, perhaps is her personality.

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Harper spent a lot of time looking Angel Moroni, so the picture made sense.
The boys, they are not only handsome but righteous souls.
Harper specially loved running the hill up and down.

Harper was so happy when she saw Doug and me in the sealing room. She was reverent during the time of the sealing ceremony. After the sealer said Amen, everyone in the room repeated, Harper also said it but seconds after everyone and it was loud and clear. It was so sweet to hear that she strongly agree with the blessing of becoming our Eternal daughter.

Harper was so happy to see Doug and I in the sealing room. The ceremony was short ad simple. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 7, 2011


We went to Cowabunga in Draper, the kids loved the lazy river. Tyson Eschers, Hayden's best friend moved to Utah few weeks ago, so they spent time fun together.

Hailey as always a fish.
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Monday, July 4, 2011

4th July weekend

I love 4th July parades. we could not make it for the Provo because of the race but Sandy had one in the afternoon. Hailey had so much fun.

She waved the flotes she liked.
Hunter, hayden and Harrison by Joseph and Hyrum Smith statues, BROTHERS.
Hailey, Harper and The SLC Temple.

This picture is before the half marathon. I really enjoyed it because I was pain free the whole time and my time was faster than any of my training runs. I was so nervous because of the unknown route. The training was difficult because of my shin splints hurt every run.
Crossing the finishing line. Valerie payne was a great buddy runner, we helped each other to be motivated, we even chat a little. It was our first half marathon.

Harrison showed to be the most proud of all my kids. my great brother Horacio was so nice to take me to the 5:30 starting line, he met half way the race and at the end of it.
Right after the race, we took Hunter and Charles to EFY, they were so excited.
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Park City 2011

We decided to spent time in Park city the weekend.
Hunter, Hayden and me rode the Zip line, super fun!

We all rode the slide.

Doug took me to eat pasta two days before my 1/2 marathon run.

Best Friends
Big kiss to the fuzzy bear.
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Provo 2011

Hayden atthe doorms in BYU for the football camp.
He was there 4 days.
Bronco spoke ina fireside for the campers and visited the indoor practice.

Harrison also participated in a half day football BYU camp.
He was so sore avery night but loved it.
Harper was great in the 9 hour trip. She did not have so much fun in the BYU bowling place because the balls were too heavy.
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