Thursday, March 28, 2013

Harper's field trip

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Harrison 12th Bday

Harrison Go cart

Silly boys 

Harrison bit the cake and Harper enjoyed to push his head.
This tradition is from Mexico. 
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Spring Break

We stayed home for Spring Break. We ate lunch out everyday

Explora is always fun

Bahama Bucks

Roller sketing. Hailey and Dora by themselves. It was Hailey's 2nd time and she did great

Camp fire with 23 teens.
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different staff

Hayden helping Dylan with Math homework, good causin
Granpa's 78 b day was great, Lunch and cake.

Hailey had some sparkles for the dance at school

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Doug at 40. He is hot

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Girls bedrooms

Harper's side age 3

Hailey's side age 8
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Hayden's Eagle scout project

Hayden got introduced to biking in middle school. He decided to collect bikes from the community and fix them with scouts and people from the community to then donate them to a less fortune individuals

Hayden and Dakota fixed together 3 bikes

Other youth and some several adults experts cyclist helped enourmesly, the are members of a Christian church in town. 

A bike shop donated some iteams and we bought some too.
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