Sunday, February 27, 2011


Doug has been so sick and tired, in one day he can feel ok (no great)and a minute later he feel miserable. Whenever he feels ok, he walks, he is been told that pacients that walk stay two days less in the hospital, a good motivation for him to do it.
He forces himself to eat as well.
He needs to blow this thing every hour to keep his lungs healthy.
Friday morning I woke up with a sore throat and the doctors and nurse told to go home. He was sad because he likes the company and support, but he knew that was the best. I had to change mask every 20 min and stayed away from him for the 4 hours before me leaving to the ariport. Saturday was his worst days and it is frastruated that he is so far away.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day zero

It is called day zero because it is that day the stem cells were infuse back in Doug's body. At this piont, he has no immune system and the risk for infection is high. I got to the hospital at 1:00 pm. He was so happy to see me because he loves me, but also because he has no many visitors, Joe and America Cannon visited him too. I put on the door the art the kids made for Doug. They did not sign their name, Doug was able to tell whose art was at the first try.
He shared with me that he has not feel that too lonely and that he has felt an amazing peace. We watched couple of episodes of Modern Family show to have a good laugh and ate lunch. Right after that he started to get chills and fever. The rest of the day he was exausted due to the fever and could no get up from the bed the rest of the day.
He had a tough night. I am so greatful for the care he is getting here. The nurse was pretty much the whole night with him. Her goal was to control the fever, she runned a lot of test to see if there was an infection. He had to have pain medication all night.
Today's the goal is to keep him safe and comfortable. They expected him to feel like this for the next 5 days. He is a little nervous of complications.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Sweet Doug

I am dearing to post pics of Harper since she ll be our by April. She is daddy's girl. Everytime she sees something that she knows belongs to Doug, she says dadadada. Doug is a wondeful Dad, he is always thinking of individual ways to show love to his kids. He knows them so well and he prays everyday for their hapiness.
Before is treatment he contemplate why he really wanted to go throught the treatment.
He asked me why, I would like to have a long life, I said because I want to see my kids grow happy and shared with them all special moments.
He, on the other hand shared with me that he wants his children to have a father as long has they can. He is no worry so much of HE missing things, but his KIDS missing a father. I know his kids are the main motivation to gain his health.
Doug has been by himself 2 days. I have texted him and called him several times a day. Yesterday was hard day, vomiting more that he should. Today's fist part time of the day was better but at the end of the day some vomiting and fatigue. However he is emotionally doing good, he follows his activities to have some control over the situation and seem to be helping. I can't wait back to see him, I am already thinking what I should pack.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chicago 2nd round

Doug was no so thrill about my posting about his treatment. He allowed it because he knows some family and friends would like to know, specially his mom (Ann). I ll post as much as I can since flying back and forth, sole parenting and classes will be in the way.
Valentines Days, we flew to Chicago, we headed to the hospital from the airport, so Doug could get a procedures. We were able to get dinner to celebrated VD, our aniversary (17th) and his last non hospital meal during the next three weeks.
First day was no that bad. Doug got begining chemo, he was able to eat food he likes but by night nauseas and vomiting took place.
I have a class assigment that hopefully help Doug. The lost of control and uncertaning affects him a lot. We have developed a intervention plan, he has choose to engage in activities in the next three weeks, as long as his fatigue allow it, things such: praying/scriptures, walking and stationary bike daily, choose of food, work some, listining up lifting messages, good laughter (Modern Family did it today). I will keep track and motivated him to do so.
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Harrison adores Harper

Harrison first thing to do in the morning and coming back from school is to checked on Harper and give her love. I thought that his name "Harrison" would be the last she would be able to say. However, she said it before Hunter and Hayden but after Hailey. She feels the love that Harrison has for her. They are so bless to have each other.
Harrison reads books to her daily, her favorite "five little monkeys"
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Doug and I were supposed to go together to see Wicked but he had to stay in Chicago for the extraction of the stem cells for the transplant. Doug urged me to fly back from Chicago the day of the play to take Hailey to see Wicked. When I got home, it touched my heart that Hailey was all ready dress up to go to the play. She got all the details and the conection with the Wizard of Oz. She loved it. I feel so bless everyday for her, her sweet and mellow, yet sassy personality. As soon as we got in the car after the play, she fall sleep.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Doug

Doug's hair is being falling foe a week, he asked me to shave ie because it was a pain to deal with falling hair on his face, pillow and food.
This morning I saw several bold spots in the middle of his head. I still wish I didn't have to do it. He is still a hottie.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chicago 1st round

Chicago was freezing, below zero. Harper was really good with all the leyers to keep her warm for the walk to the hospital of 6 blocks.
Harper and I had to visit Doug three days for 6 hours. The first day I was scared how she would behave. I prayed that she would be easy and happy. Well my prayer was answer because she was fantastic. She would take her nap on the stroler.
She would read books by the window with the city view.
She would eat and hang out by Doug's bed. In Feb 14 Doug is going back, this time Harper will stay home.
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