Sunday, July 1, 2012

5k Race- Utah 2012

This was Hunter's first 5k, with Alison and Lauren, second from Megan.
Go go go go runners.

Before the race we all were ready to cheer. 

Hunter half way. 

Hunter at the finish line 27:21 time,  I missed him going through because I was driving around taking pictures.

Megan 38:21 time.

Lauren 44:00 time.

Alison 48:00 time.
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Utah Summer trip

Cousins relationship are the best. They can be instant best friends. Harper and Mateo hit it from the beginning.

Alison and I are crazy and took all our kids to Ikea (with exception of Hayden).

All the Thomas cousins, missing Hayden, Josh and Jacob.

Hunter had to get in with everyone to make sure nobody drowns. 
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Hunter's 16th B Day

Hunter had a blast on his B day. He had a lazy day, teenagers favorite thing to do.
I love to have a 16 year old, he helps with the driving a lot. I always get nervous about him driving around in Albuquerque, but I still like the less driving for me.
He choose Chilis for dinner, The Snell's went with us.
He got brownie and ice cream as a treat, we all ate it.

That night he invited like 25 friends to play games and have treats.
They played "Capture the Flag." Tt got so dark, but they loved it. That was Hayden's team. 

This was Hunter's team, the Avengers. 
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