Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Harrison literally cried when Ethan left to Prescott. They've been friends since they were 2. They get a log so well, they never fight and it is never enough time together.
Hailey and Emma also pick up what they left since they saw each other last time. They both carried their Marie all weekend.
I picked out my kids today from a camp from school. It surprised me how old my babies look around other middle school kids. However they all loved to play Nerf guns battles as little kids.

Laurel's visit

Girl's night out while Laurel was in ABQ. We ate good pies at Flying Star. There was Leah, Val, Danna, Dora and Sophie, who was visiting the Q. We had great time.
Danna dropped her phone between the window and the booth. She was desperate to get it. I did not blamed her. She could not get it after several attempts.
Val came to the rescue, since she is tiny, she jumped in but with no success. Check out her leg trying to get out.
Sophie tried to deep in with her cute booty on the air, but the phone was impossible to reach. Finally a stranger was able to get it out. We all clap and laugh about the whole fiasco.
Emma was able to participated with Hailey as a cheerleader. She kept telling me that Laurel would look in Prescott for a league. I just wish they just move back to ABQ, we missed them.
Yes, the girls are on top of a upside down bucket because they are all small, I guess they all have good balance.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

FlagFootball Pictures

I got pictures from school, I am no buying more pictures from Football pictures league. I took my own pictures and save money. Still my kids looked cute. Hayden and Harrison make touchdowns every week, Hunter is a awesome pulling flags on defense and Hailey is having fun screaming loud, my favorite is her kicks.