Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hunter then/now

This picture was a month before braces.
It was a big bay for Hunter. After 15 months Hunter has a new smile. Dr Jorgensen did really a great job. He had a overbite and and many teeth that need it to be corrected. Now he has a really pretty smile. He only said: It was so worthy.
Before and after.

Field Trips

Hailey loved this field trip. She is learning about insects and the students put time and attention what was show in the Botanical gardeners. I been there many time before with my older kids' field trips, however this was Hailey's turn.

Last Friday again we visited Boca Negra, two minutes from my house. This is another place I have been before with older kids. Last time we went Hailey was a baby, this time, she climbed all by herself and love it, specially because her best friend Lizzie was with us.

Harrison and his best friend Cooper. I was little nervous to bring those two crazy busy boys, but they were cautions enough. After that we took advantage of the Dairy queen deal. Buy one blazer get second 25 cents.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hailey's Mexican Dance performance

Hailey is been taking Mexican Dance class. Yes, it was my dream, however I never was able to take classes. I like this class because is 1 hr long on Saturdays. They perform several times a year in a nice auditorium. What Hailey loved the most was the dress up.
She did really good. She learned five different steps and choreography. She smiled the whole time.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter weekend

Saturday at lunch time our ward had a Easter egg hunt, Hailey and Harrison had a lot of fun. The weather was great only little windy.
That afternoon, Alison and Christian with kiddos came from Utah to visit. We had dinner to celebrate Megan's b'day. This place has free for kids on Saturday before 4 pm. The bill was smaller considering that there were 7 kids.
We had another Easter egg hunt in our yard Sunday between Conference sessions.
Thumbs up for the kiddos during Conference.
Egg shells fill with confetti was crazy and fun.
Mateo almost 10 months.
Leah almost 5 months, I think.
We enjoyed the beautiful afternoon weather.
Hannah sure enjoyed the crazy ride Hunter gave her on the bike.