Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My oldest brother,Rodolfo saying goodbye in the ariport.
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Mexico 09

This is the house where I grow up. The kids were able to see where mom played as a little girl. The house was empy, but the were able to see my old life.
We are here with my oldest brother, Rodolfo. He is a taxi driver and drove with us to ythe airport, because we did not want to get lost in Mexico city.
This is in Queretaro, we ffound a great place for gorditas.
Of course the kids love to shop for hand made toys. I still have a lot other pictures to post from this trip.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My cousins, my nice (Tanya), nephew (Dylan) and second cousins
My kids second cousins
Dora's cousins, who live in Leon, Gto. Alis, Susi and Dani Salinas del Mazo. We called them in the morning and drove to their home. They made us pozole and tostadas in last minute. We had so much good time remember an aunt who has always chastising us. The kids love to meet their family. There were a lots of kids, second cousins to play with.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

San Miguel de Ayende from up hill
This is the typical streets in San Miguel de Ayende.
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We visited a little pueblico, San Miguel de Ayende. It is was beutiful and we have yummy quesdillas of different types of "guisados". People were hunginh out in the placita.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th July in hot Phoenix

I am basicly up to day on my blog today. I haven't have much time on the computer lately.
I have becoming more brave to roller coasters rides. First I did it because I did not wanted to sent my babies by themselves and Doug could not do it. Now I actually enjoyed them, specially the bonding that comes with my kiddos.
I love this picture obviously because Harrison let me hold his hand for 2 min while we were walking around Legoland.
The 3th of July was the last lunch with the Lloyds at Red Robin . In the parking lot Doug mentioned to me that Wicked the play was playing in Phoenix. He asked if I wanted to go before heading Abq. I believe he had being thinking about because, he also mentioned that Hunter was 13 and he could stayed with the rest on the hotel. The problem was that we did not have tickets but I liked the idea of the adventure. We left the kids eating fast food and watching tv with instruction to go to sleep at 9:30 and left to the theater. There we tickes but seperatly and we assumed that we would no talk during the play anyway and bought the tickets. I sat on the third row by the asile and Doug on the 10th row on the same end aisle. I loveeeeee the story! I also loved that the kids were fast sleep when we got to the hotel room.
Our 4th of July was diferent this year. We spend it in the hotel pool after a big breakfats. It was of course as a bath time water, warm. I would laid down to tan for 3 min and run back under the umbrella, it was burning hot. We made it home after 6 hr driving and watched the fireworks from our patio. The boys also did fireworks in the cul de sac.

Lloyds and Us

We stopped in Prescott in our way to Abq to see our dear friends Laurel, Dave, Ethan, Emma and sweet Adam. We had so much fun with them. We updated each other, play, ate, attended to a rodeo, and hiked. As soon as we left I miss Laurel right away. She is such a fun, laid back, great friend. He stayed up the first night till 1 am talking.
Dave as we expected is having the time of his life. He loves his work there and also that he can drive his bike from his house right to a mounting on his bike.
We took the kids for lunch to a 15 min away lake. The kids had a blast. After a while Adam let me kiss his cute cheeks. We all love is sweet baby personality.
Harrison and Ethan (best friends) as soon we got there, they were looking around the lake for fishing lines that people left on the ground, also for sticks and pine cones. The funny part was that Ethan made Laurel to tied a dead fly to a pine cone as a bait with the attempted to catch some fish. Harrison followed his example. The first night these two kiddos stayed up also until 1 am. They were telling stories and catching up since last time they saw each other. In our way home Harrison said to me: Mom I have an idea, why don't we adopt Ethan? I told him that he actually likes his family and his parents were good parents.
Hailey made me to fix her hair just like Emma. She as always think that Emma is the bomb. Emma realized that Hailey was so fun to play now that Hailey is older.
Hailey loves that Emma takes charge and Emma is so sweet to her.

San Diego vacation 09

Hayden and Hunter were able to try on artificial waves.
It was our first time in San Diego Zoo. We saw pandas, we were able to see almost all the animals riding on a bus, no much walking that day.

San Diego vacation 09

This was the only ride Doug rode, he is scare of heights.
Hailey felt like a big girl. She rode this ride 4 times.
I was taking picture of the seagulls and Harrison got on the way.
The ocean water was freezing. However that did not stop the boys to go in with the boogie boards.
Is this like Doug? He can not be out of news for too long.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

San Diego vacation 09

Boomer was our 3er day.

Hailey did all she could do to put the ball on the hole, even in cheating was necessary.

Of course, the pool was a daily thing. It was on low 80's and breeze. The kids played and I read a lot by the pool. This is what I call a vacation.

Sunday, my cousin Yeya came to see us from Tijuana. After 12 years of not see each other was a fun visit. We remember days growing up. She share that I was too much for her. She has a mellow personality and I was always too busy. However we always loved each other. It was fun to talked like we had never being apart. We both do not have brother, so we made the decision to keep better contact from now on. I miss her as soon she left.
Isn't he hot?

San Diego vacation 09

This year we went to San Diego. Legoland was the first thing we did. I was perfect for Hailey and Harrison. For Hunter and Hayden was ok. I loved the fact that was cool weather and no crowded.

Harrison loves Sponge Bob. I kind of the bad cop because I limited the time he can watched it.

Doug, hunter and Hayden enjoyed cannoing, while me and the two younger ones stay enjoying the beach. It was a relax day.

We were there for Hunter's 13 birth day. We chose Chilis' because he loves the chips and salsa there. The waitress gave him a brownie/ice cream treat and they sang to him.

Harrison was finally able to do the same thing as his brothers. They loved the go kart ride. It was funny to see their personalities at the wheel. Hunter was the slowest, he is being always being extra cautions. He'll be a great first son driving. Hayden was the crazy driver, going as fast as he could. That did not surprised us. Harrison was faster that Hunter but still cautions. He crash in the same curb few times.