Monday, March 30, 2009

Harrison's Baptism

In Harrison's baptism it was only our little family. Only Megan (Doug's sister) with her two little kids came to Harrison's baptism.
While Doug confirmed Harrison the holly ghost, the Lord let me know what a beautiful moment was that. I am the first and only member in my family (besides my dad, who got baptist after me). My children are the first strong generation in the gospel. This day will be in my mind forever because I was present in the beginnings of our family in the gospel. It was told to Harrison that he will be a strong father and husband. This means to me that my children will be strong servants of the Lord.
I made the determination to attend to all my grandchildren baptism and remember this special day. Those days it will be a lot of cousins, uncles and aunts supporting such event, because we all be in the gospel. I am so grateful the Lord trust me to be the beginner of many bless generations.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Doug and I had a great time in Argentina.
We went with a group of MBA students. We visited companies and tourist sites. Doug ate steak every day. I found out that, you could find good steak in modest restaurants and incredible steak in more selective places. We took Tango lesson, I honestly did not enjoy it. It was too stiff, with perfect steps. Maybe because I am used dance salsa and merenje, which they are more relax and flexible. Buenos Aires is main city in Arg. There are a lots of tall buildings and life in downtown is fast pace. We visited Mendoza for couple of days. This place was more quiet and slow pace. What impress me the most about Mendoza was that people take 3 hrs siesta in the whole town, also the winneries were impressive, even for people like us who do not care at all about wine.
Of couse the highlight of the trip was spending time with my hubby.

Harrisons' 8 th Birhday

Harrison is 8. He had a great B day party. The kiddos played games, eat pizza and cake, they had a good time. Almost all his friends gave me Bakugan as a present. He was delighted.
I told Harrison that he would be always my sweet boy.

Thomas Life

Hola familia y amigos. I finally decided to work on my family blog. It is going to be more like a family history for us. Maybe no alot of people cares about what is happening in our family.
I'm still doing it.

Our family is made up of Doug, Dora (me), Hunter (13), Hayden (11), Harrison (8) and Hailey (5)
We love to spend time together, watch movies, eat out and sing in the car.

Lately, I feel that I need to enjoy the little moments with my children. They are growing really fast. My boys still like to play like little kids. They play cops with gun and swords toys. I used to hate the screaming and running. Believe it or not, I am trying to embraced those crazy games because I see them going away really soon.
Knowing how fast kiddos grow. I love to see my Hailey playing with her dolls, talking to herself , singing, dancing and making videos like "I carli" tv show.
One thing I am trill to see is that my kids play with each other all the time.
They are happy kids despite of their once in a while muddy mom.