Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BYU tailgate party

Cosmo, Hunter, Hayden and Harrison at the party.
Hailey favorite booth was the doughnut on the string, she actually did no cheat. She wore her BYU cheerleader outfit and talked to some BYU cheerleaders that came to the party.

It was cold but the kids did not care, they had fun. They stayed at the game and I came home with Hailey. After the game they visited with the players, who were kind and attentive to them. Hunter gave a chocolate candy bar to one of them and, he mentioned that he would eat it on the bus. They shake hands with Bronco and other players, it was an enchanted day for them.

New York

Doug had a conference in New Yory and he took me with him. We were one and half block from Broadway and all the commotion. We ate good, shop some and went to see three plays, our favorite thing to do there. Billy Eliot had actually a lot of swering but good story, Phantom was intense and good, finally Sherek the musical had the same story but new songs and the customes were amazing.
In the subway we saw a pretend Michale Jackson, he was actually really good dancer.

While there, Doug had the chance to see a friend (Peterson) from high school that lives in Manhatan. We went out for dinner and had a great time. They found each other after many years thanks to facebook.
In our way home, we had a layover for 4 hrs in Chicago. We visited Joe Cannon and America, we finally saw their new twins and three older kids. It is so nice to have old time good friends.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween/Oct 09

Last week Hunter and Hayden had fall break. We biked two days only because I got really sore. The first day we did 11 miles on up and down hills, the second day the boys took me trought the bosque north valley to Old donw town, 10 miles. It was so fun. At old towm we got hot chocolate since was a little cold. It was the end for me. Next day my legs were so sore, that I took a day off, also because we had snow and too cold to be biking. My kids love this activity and for me is a strech because I am no kind of outdoor person but my love for them is bigger in that can make me outdoor if I have to. I am amazed in what good condition there are.
Doug visited Mexico for two days with expresident Fox. They had a meeting to get students next Summer there.
Halloween was short and fun. Hailey was a dancer on the 20's, Harrison was dracula, Hayden a biker rider and Hunter an I pod. They had the chance to get candy twice, I am no quite excited it about because now I have to deal with the temptation, I love chocolate.

At church was a Halloween dance, here is Hailey making her moves at the chicken dance.