Friday, December 17, 2010


I took Harrison and Hailey with their friends to sled. The had so much fun even though the snow was melting as usual in the Q.

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Snow in ABQ

We got 3 inches of snow on our backyard. The kids went outside at 7:30 am.
Hayden's snow men had hair.
Hailey of course made hers fancy with the hat she made in explora.
Harrison's was sportish.
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Hayden partipipated in a play at school. He was Castillo. As usual the spainers were the mean and ignorant and the natives the victims. When schools going to stop being so liberal and bias.
Harrison always having fun cubscouts night.

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Harrison earned is Bear patch. We are in the right path, I will be so glad when all my boys get at the end of eagle scout. I then will be on YW. Oh well, I better enjoy it, wont last forever.

First time on the ski

Angel Fire was so fun for all of us. All of us except Doug started on the ground. After some practice all of us made it to stand on the ski.
Hunter is the precautions of the family and it took him effort to enjoy himself, but he did it.
Hunter and I were the last to feel ok on the ski. Half of the time I was helping the kids to master the skill. I had to say that even when I did not fell, I was scare of the speed I was going down the hill, maybe next time I learn to control the speed and enjoy the experience
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First time on the ski

Doug is the only that has ski before, he had no problem to pick it up the skill.
Hayden was so brave, he was able to do even hills for more expereince people. He loves it.
I had to put hardness the first five time going down the hill, after that she did it all by herself for couple of hours. She wants to do it again.
Harrison had a bad fall at the begining but he was able to had fun the last two hours.
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hailey's curls

Hailey has beutiful straight heavy hair. She wanted to get culrly hair like mine. She has to get curls a night before and usually after church are gone. This time I used tons of hair spray. At the end of church the first thing she told me was: " my curls made it".

My cute girls.
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Hayden's rewards

Hayen's football coach said that Hayden was a leader and athletic boy. He had a great personal season. Few games I had a prayer in my heart, asking for his saftey, He could not played last game because of an injury. I was glad was over the season.
Hayden getting his Star award, Doug is being so supportive to the boys in their way to eagle.
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Explora Fieldtrip

She made a fancy Hailey hat.
Hailey 1st grader field trip. I have done many explora field trip with Hunter, Hayden and Harrison. Explora will be un my life for many years to come.
Hailey has been other times at explora and she still loves that place.
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