Monday, April 23, 2012

Half Marathon Doug/Dora

Hailey and Harrison helped us with water a mile 4. It was so great to see them. My dear friend, Jamie drove them around to see us in the race. Her little 10 year old run the 1/2 marathon and ended 30 min before me.
It freshed me to see them again at mile 10. I needed the water so bad and only to see them gave me strength.
My time 2:02 average of 9 min 22 sec per mile. My goal was 9 min but at mile 11 I went down hill. However from last run I improved 30 min.
After crossing the finish line, I decided to go find Doug, he was only 10 min behind me. I was more excited to finish with him that when I cross the line by myself, I adore him. Doug did amazing, his time was 2:12. Faster than my first 1/2 marathon, I am worry that I wont keep up with him soon, I also excited for him to enjoy to accomplish things like this with his new health.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April stuff

 Hailey loves to performe with Sun Shine generation, this was in a senior center.

We went to two Easter Hunts but late, Hailey was kind of sad, so Easter Sunday the boys hid eggs in our grass area for the girls, I was relief that she enjoyed it a lot. Harper loved everything, specilly thr candy.

Harper putting attention to the nursery class

Harper love to sing and play at nursery, she does not even say good bye at drop out time.

Hailey brought Harper to share time to her class. Harper is sad in this pic because she fell down in the playground.

Harper in line to go inside the class, both were so excited.

Harper joined the class for the pleage of Allegince. She got so up set at the time to go home. That girl is so ready for school, she loves to be older independent toddler.
The good news is that I found a preschool that adimitted her fof this next school year, twice a week 2 1/2 hours a day. Today we drove by the preschool in our way to a store and she pointed in direction to the preschool saying: "mom take me to my school", smart girl.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Welcome Spring

Hayden is faster than last year. He won 100m, 200m by far from other runners.

Harper loves the park

Doug at the end of his 12 miles run training. He is getting faster. He loves to feel healthy and being able to acomplish such achievement. He was in assolated floor after  the stem cell transplant only 13 months ago, now running like a roadrunner. I am anticipating to cry the day of the race, he is my hero. 
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Harrison's 11th BDay

My Baby boy is not a baby anymore. He is smart, FUNNY and loving kid. 9+2=11. 

Harrison choose to go to ITZ with friends to celebrate his b day, WE stayed 4 hours there. He was so HAPPY because he could get that giant ball with the help of his friends.

The boys had great time climming the wall. They did it many many times. 

Michael, Braiden, Cooper, Harrison and Kyle.

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