Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hancock is our new puppy. He went to pick him up from a farm in Taos. His mom is a black poddle and his dad is a Golden retriever. He was 2 months when we got him. He is mellow active puppy.
After the kids asking for a dog for three years, I gave up. During the Summer I decided that I was ready to the challenge of getting a dog. The firs two months, I am willing to train and get Hancock into routine. The goal is that the boys will feed, clean after and play with Hancock.
Hancock is having fun in our large size grass. I hope this experience goes well.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First day to school 2008

Harrison had a quiet start at his 2nd/3er classroom. Most of his class mates were with him last year. I believe that he is gifted but never tested. He excels in every subject. The school is being providing challenge for him. Finally he accepted to take piano lesson. He made a new best friend from church that goes to the same school (Cooper).
Hayden starting 5th grade. He also is with classmates from last year. He is being with the same teacher three years in a row. He was placed in the 6th grade math group. Hayden has progress in reading, his class is planning to read challenging books this year. He'll continue piano lesson.
Hunter making the jump to middle school. He knew at least these three kids from the old schoold school. Hunter can wait to write stories or articles. He will have to adjust to have different teachers for each class. He will be taking private violin lesson at school.