Friday, June 22, 2012

Family Camping 2012

Hailey and Harper's first camp. They both loved it. Hailey begged us to go and that is the only reason we went. The older boys have camped plenty before, Doug gets sick every time, and me not my favorite thing to do. Harrison was the only happy one to go. However everyone had the best attitude.

Thanks to Hunter and Hayden, the camp experts, the work was not bad. I love that they can do even more than me.

Harper spent hours throwing rocks into the creek.

I was worried about the cooking. We made steak burritos and breakfast burritos. It tasted much better than at home. We made simple meals and it was so fun.

My girls, the reason of the fun camp.

Hailey even found a dead snake, she was so excited.

Her most favorite part of the camp was sleeping in the tent.

We all were in circle time talking and laughing. Harper decided to take time to use the bathroom, shameless girl.

Harrison took Harper to explore the area.

I had mixed feelings about camping, I never camped as a child and I was raised in a big city, so I do not find outdoors naturally entertaining. It is too much work before and after, not good enough sleep, no electronics, and dirty hands. However my kids loved every second, therefore I loved it.
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Summer Fun

Harper loving the water.

Jenna and Hailey having fun.

Harper is a smart and helpful toddler. As soon as someone is putting away the dishes, she is there helping, she knows where things goes.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

State Track Meet

It was a super busy day. Hayden was in the meet from 9 am to 4 pm. We were there when he jumped, he got 4th place and he only practiced a few times before. After that we headed to lunch before Hailey's baptism.

We missed his 100m but a friend got a video. Doug, Hunter, Harrison and I comeback after to see him run the 200m. He won both preliminary and finals

He looks so beautiful when he runs.
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White Day: Hailey's Baptism 2012

Hailey was so ready for this, she always makes insightful and deep comments in FHE and family scriptures.
She loves her family and the Lord.

She shared with me that night, that her special moment was when she received the Holy Ghost.
She said that she felt so much peace, that she even forgot there was people in the room.

It was a small group, our family, my parents, the Paynes and her friend from school, Hunter and her mom.
The good thing about a small group is the reverence that allows you to enjoy the influence of the Spirit, I love it.

Hailey and her best friends, Lizzie and Hunter.
It was a super busy day.  We had lunch at Chick-Fil-A, after the baptism the whole group went to Baskin Robbins. After that the girls played at our house and we ended with dinner at Dions, Hailey's fav.
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hayden's 14th Birthday

I did not take many pics, but he sure was celebrated. Hayden is a fun, GOOD, smart, obedient, good dancer, sporty, easy going, friendly, handsome guy, I just love him so much.

First breakfast in bed, after lunch we went to Santa Fe to shop in the Nike store, his fav.
We had dinner at Olive Garden. No dessert or treat, only chocolate mints with a candle.
After that, he participated in a short triathlon with scouts from church, his style to celebrate: sports.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Scouts Small Triathlon

Hayden swam 300m.

Hunter swam 200m.

They both rode almost 7 miles on the bike. They ran 2 miles at the end.
This was Hunter first time doing a tri, he felt strong and great. He has been running to prepare for cross country, he started 3 miles at 11 min/mile. two weeks later he run 3 miles at 8:30 min/mile. He improved like crazy. 
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Harrison Graduates Elementary School

Harrison is moving into middle school as a 6th grader. He was so lucky because he had his best friend Cooper in the same class for 3 years.

His teacher Mr, Mike was great for Harrison, he was consistent in rules at the same time easy going.
In one parent/student conference Mr Mike told Doug that he wished they were many Harrisons in his class, because he was such a great student.
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Summer Swimming Lessons and Fun

Harrison and his best friend, Cooper going down the slide.

Hailey was kind of scared jumping from the high board.

It took her a minute but she did it. She can do back strokes across the pool 25m which is her favorite swim style.

Harrison has improved so much in swimming. He can cross 25m in free style, he figured out the breathing and his his stride which is beautiful. He also figured out the diving. He is ready for swim team.
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Hailey's 8th Birthday cont.

Breakfast of her fav things: Strawberries, pancakes, yogurt and chocolate milk.

She brought popsicles for her classmates on her birthday.

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