Monday, April 25, 2011

My runner: Hayden

Hayden run 100X4, his team got on thirth place from the middle schools on the westside of Albuquerque.

Hunter, Blair, Hayden, Madi. What great group of cute kids.

Hayden's second event was 200X4; It was amazing, he was the anchor; he got the bauton in thirth place but Hayden caught up to second place and got close to the first runner. It was so beutiful to see it. He has a great strike.
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Easter 2011

Sunday Easter

I did not work much this Easter, Hailey and Harrison filled all the eggs.
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Easter 2011

Harper got the idea of Easter hunt right away, specially when she knew what was inside. I am just glad she was walking, she enyoed this so much.

Hailey asked me Sunday night if we'd have another Easter hunt, I remainded her that she had one on Friday with some friends from school and church, one on Saturday with the Spanish branch and Sunday in our friends' house, KT. She was happy to remember that.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Hailey basketball

I am kind of sensitive about Hailey playing baseketball,she is the only girl and the coach put mostly focus on the boys. However, she does her best and loves it every minute.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Harper totally walking

Harper will be 18 mo tomorrow. She took first steps 6 weeks ago, she took her time to enjoy walking. She is now every where and acting like a toddler. She is so fun.
We are just waiting for the date court to make it official, as soon is done we ll be heading to the temple.
Doug and his girls. He is a sweet fun daddy.

Harper stayed in nursery for first time, she absolutely loved it.

Still April

I am so proud of my hubby, couple weeks ago, I was driving back from somewhere and I saw Doug running in our neighborhood, I rolled my window and he told me he was on his 4th mile. He is feeling so good, with energy and happy to feel good. The Lord sure has blessed him with a better health. He runs 3 times a week at least 3 mi and every time improving his time. We both will run 10 k on July 4th in Provo.

Hailey's school had a family dance and Hailey had a blast.
Hailey and her best friend Lizzie. They know each other since tiny babies and they can play forever and I remember 2 fights.
Harrison spent a lot of time in his Mars project. They are inside a plastic bubble and they shared Mars facts with visitors.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

1st walk

The Sunday we got from Chicago, Harper took her first steps, the funny things is that she did not realized completely what she did. She has not tried again. I sounded crazy because I did not expected her to walk.
I am just glad I was home for that event and that my video camera was on.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring is here

Hailey is playing basketball, she is fast and she is working on bouncing the ball and running at the same time. She practices everyday after school with Harrison. She is also great in dance class on Saturdays.

Hailey lost one of her front tooth, she loves to be a big sister and she is great.
It took me hours to make these matching out fits for the girls, I do not think I ll do it too often in the future.
Crazy hair day