Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hailey 5th Bday

Hailey waited for her Bday for months. Four months before she asked me everyday if her bday was that day. She really wanted a pool party. She wanted the slipping slide, pool, water balloons and ice cones. Well Albuquerque surprised us all with rain that day. In the morning of her b'day, when the party was planned. I told Hailey about no pool party because of the weather. She got so sad, I was hoping she would not care, but she really dreamed about pool party with her friends. She run to her room sad.
Doug quickly said to me: what about Chuck E. Cheese? He presented the idea to Hailey and that fix things up. We change plans that morning and call her friends. I remember that everytime she sees this place she ask me to take her. Of course I never do. I am like most parents, we do not like those places much at all. However it wasn't as bad. But most important, she had a great time with her friends (Lizzie, Olivia, Alexi and Tamblyn)

She did not want a regular cake. She wanted pink cupcakes like in the pinkadelicious book, (her favorite one).
She asked me to read that book and it was amazing how the girls were so interested hearing the story in the middle of all the noise around us.

She got a umbrella as a present from Harrison. She was able to use it right away after the party, yes here in ABQ!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rafting-- Gee/Thomas

The kids were anxious to get in the river.The three boys paddled when told by Dan Gee, our friend and expert guide. It took only like 15 min to inflated the boat.
The four grow ups doing he job.

Harrison and Brookie were behind the leaders, they had so much fun. The girls talked almost all the time while the boys were entertained by all the talking. Emma and Will were in front until a big wage from the rapids soaked them. They did not liked that.
Hunter did great and hopes to do this activity again.

Me and Hailey enjoy the ride and scream our lungs out when the rapids came. The last half of the trip, I held Jenie who fall sleep in the middle of the rapid while everyone screamed. Honey helped in the front paddle.

Hayden our other helper.
We stopped twice, one for lunch and another in the pee island, that is how Dan called it.
This was a totally new for me but sure love it, especially because my family had a memorable experience together. We are sad our friends the Gees' moving, they are so good people and fun.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our first fishing family trip

I grow up in Mexico City, where cement is everywhere. I still love clouds because is one think I could enjoyed easy, no much nature around. Doug only had outdoor trips with scouts growing up. Both of us are a totally ignorant about fishing. We head it to a fishing trip and we did not catch anything. What makes more pathetic is that we fished in a fish hatchery. I was happy that after spending 30 min, we were able to set up our fishing lines. We all dress for a hot day and end it being cold, no jackets at all. We all want to do was to get in the car to get warm.
Me and Doug felt bad for our kids, who absolutely love outdoors. We have decided to became more out dory to the sake of our kiddos. This is are our first steps and we are planning more camping, fishing and rafting. We are open to ideas and tips. We had a great picnic in a beautiful place.
Overall we had a great time spending time together. I guess that is what really matters, right?

Boys, boys!

What is with boys that they think being disgusting is funny? In the future either they will be embarrassed or they'll continue laughing about it. We'll see.

Hailey- Mother's day

Hailey/Lizzie and Dora/Jenny. We both share best friends.
She made me a pot with a hand made flower with her picture on it. Also a poem where she said: "I love my mommy because she drives me around" among others. I guess children say it how it is.
She was sweet singing sons of love to mothers with her preschool classmates. I sure like my little girl! I believe I mentioned this before and may be annoying but I just think about this everyday.

Harrison's plant

Harrison was so delight about his plant. He planted the seeds, water it everyday and put it in the sun. We talked about faith and testimony. He was able to understand better that principle from watching his plant grow. Few days after I took this picture, he decided to take it outside. I warned him about the danger of the plant but he did it anyway. Soon enough that plant could not resist the strong winds. He was sad, but he realized that my counsel is valuable. Life lessons are the best.

Doug in the News

Doug was interview by Chanel 7 news Albuquerque. UNM canceled all visits to Mexico because of the swine flu. Doug and MBA students had the plan to go to Guadalajara Mexico to visit some Mexican companies and for some courses. That was the reason of the interview at our house. He was great, except that they aired the part he hesitated his answer. He looked so hot.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nacc performance

Harrison was so excited for this performance. He really liked the main song and it's meaning. We all know the song at home, he sings it all the time. He usually can be shy but he sure did not show that. In one song, he and JJ were singing, his friend got quiet and Harrison sing almost all by himself, he did great. I think that this performances help children to gain confidence in general.

Hayden is shy in front of an audience. It helped him that is friends were there too singing and dancing a little. We are proud of him and gaining more confidence. He had a solo line and he was so happy that he h=got the guts to do it. He look so sure of himslef to me but I knew he was


My kids do not have a lots of cousins, but for sure the one they have share a special connection.
Hunter (almost 13) was Christian's (4) favorite. Cristian felt that Hunter really cared about what Christian likes. He was Hunter's shadow the whole time. When Hunter realized about that, he was flatter and was kind but answering his 4 year old cousins questions.
On the other hand Ashley and Hailey were inseparable. Ashley said "Hailet is the little sister I never had". So cute!
Christiansito had a great time playing and hunging out with tree boys. Harrison asked him if he liked Spong Bob and Christian responded. "No because he is holie" the boy for a minute did not what he meat. Harrison being younger got the meaning. "He was holes". They all laughedso hard. Christiansito loved that he could make laugh his cousins by being just himself.
To say goodbye was especially hard for Christiansito, at bounch of boys was so fun for him and hard to let it go.
We are commited to visit more often and pass the laziness of the drive.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I did not know I special that day would be. My family was there to support me and celebrated a day that I worked for so long. Besides Doug, and my children, there was my brother Horacio y su novia Anna. Also my fantastic sister in law Alison with Christian her husband and their two kids (Ashley and Christiansito). My mother in law (Ann) and my younger sister in law (Lauren) were there. They'll graduated two weeks after this day.
I have to give a huge credit to my wonderful husband. Doug was the person who motivated me to started to take classes in LDS Business College years ago. Doug would remained me to enroll to my classes and he would guide me what classes were best to someday graduated. During difficult classes, he would believe in me more that me in myself. He watched the kids all the time for my to study, do homework or take tests. Also he would edit my papers. I know that without him this dream would not be possible for me. I am a lucky women to have a men like him.

I graduated August and I even got my diploma. We could no make it last graduation and decided to go six months later. The main purpose to do the walking graduation was to left an impression to my children. I mentioned to them 6 months before about me being done with college classes. Finally the kids realized about the whole thing when I put on the hat and gown. I guess the purpose was accomplished. I hope they'll remember that their mom with broken English, mothering 4 children and no so genius could do it. They have no excuses now.

In our way to Utah, we stayed in Durango, the kids have a little post spring break. The kids were able to get in the pool for 1 hr.
Next morning we visited Mesa Verde. We loved the ruins and it was amazing old site in great condition. I am glad we took time to enjoy such place. the kids learned more about Indians and how they lived in the past.
We all went down inside the Kiva. India people used for sacred reasons.
The were around 80 people living in this community, hiring from enemies.

April 09

Hailey is my sweet, kind, funny, sassy little girl. I really like her and love her. I loves this picture because she loves to carry stuff toys. I wish she stay like this forever but i know that she will always be a joy at any age.

April 09

Harrison and I made this kite for a school project. He learn about the origin of kites and fight kites. The bad news is that our kite did not flew. I do not know if was because we had strong winds or because we made it of fabric. Two weeks latter we made another of plastic and we had the same result. I hope he remembers the experience of doing it instead of the failure of flying it.