Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fancy Hailey's 6th B day

The theme for Hailey's b' day was Fancy Nancy. She has heavy straight hair. I had to put rulers the night before and by the end of the day were gone. She looked adorable.
The girls decorated their purses with flowers, stickers and glitter.
They all came in their Fancy clothes and added accessories such, boas, necklaces, tiaras, rings and bracelets. Latter some had the courage to do a fashion show for us. I face painted a butterfly to all the girls. I amazed how fast I was able to do it. They loved the glitter.
They had cucumbers and strawberry sandwiches, fresh strawberries and cupcakes, with raspberry lemonade. Note Hayden, he was the waiter for the drink while I was still working on face painting.
I was actually happy with the pinata, it did not break so easy. The girls were able to hit it twice. The wind behave during this activity. Hailey waits all year for her b day and I end up so tired at the end of the day but I don't mind at all. Growing up I still remember my B days with friends and family, maybe that is why I go crazy with my kids b' days.

May 10

Hunter received his Life Award. He is collecting Spanish books to set up a library in a orphanage in Mexico at the end of June for his Eagle Scout project.

Harrison having lunch with his bodies, I love this age boys, smelly, sweet and fun.
Two days before Hailey's b day, she was able to celebrated it with her classmates on a hot day with Popsicle right after lunch.