Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hunter is 12

Hunter turn 12 two weeks after Hayden, that means that I planned another party. I used to make one party for both but now, the boys want their own friends and style. I actually do not mind, party should be my last name.
Hunter decided to have boys and girls to a getting wet party, pizza and cake. He still is a little boy, but he is starting to have a tween actitude.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hayden's 10 B'day

Hayden's b'day was at the Sierra Vista pool. Friends from school and church had fun with him at the pool. Hayden is been always been sweet, athletic, smart and obedient son. Two of his best friends were two tom boy girls, Katie and Maisie. There was pizza and cake.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tampa vacation

It was a long week vacation in Tampa. We went to the beach everyday. We all got so tan. In this picture Hayden found a death fish. He wish he could take it as a souvenir!!
My favorite part was that we had two side by side little apartments. The kids love to stay in their place, and of course for me and Doug had quiet time after long days in the beach and pool.
We went to a pirate boat, to a Bush Gardner's amusement park, and to a water park for a day. There were big slides and a wave pool. The best part was that it was no crowded.
I feel so bless to be able to take vacation with my hubby and kiddos. When I grow up I remember going once to a water park, the only vacation my parents took me. Whenever I see pictures of that vacation I still remember how fun was to be with my family all day doing fun stuff. I hope my kids keep all the memories in daily and vacation times we have because sure they are full of joy.