Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dora 1st Triathlon

It was so fun to participated with friends, it made it fun but still a challege. I felt great in the 5K run, the ride was ok, I did not push it much. The swim was another story, It was no as hard but overwhelming with people around me, I kind of panic by people touching me while passing me, so I did wait in the end of the lane till was no so crowded, that slowed me down but I finished ready to dance of joy.

It made me cry to see the board posted in the door when I drove to the driveway made by Hunter, I sure felt supported by my love ones.
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I am so greatful my children can participated in great and fun activities with good friends.

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Hunter in a radio show

Hunter and his friend were guest at 770 with Jim V. Callers were supportive that young people were intereted in politics, since they will be the leaders of the future. They were so well informed and sounded great. We are proud that Hunter follows his passion and he is good at it.
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Monday, August 8, 2011

First day school 11-12

Harrison 5th grader

Hailey and Harrison were so excited to start school but I had mixed feelings. I love my kids at home and do whatever that want to do, play and being lazy, but after a while I like routine. This summer went so fast and I worked so fast. It will take me so time to get use to the crazy mornings but I am looking forward for this school year.
Hailey 2nd grader
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Sunday, August 7, 2011


While Hayden was in the scout camp, we spent few days in Denver area ahving fun. Harrison invited his best friend Cooper and Hunter also invited Sam.
Harper had a blast and once again, she did great on the car trip.

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Hayden's scout camp

This was Hayden's last scout camp. He had a blast because there were many of his good friends. He rode horses and rowed on the lake.

He did few crazy things, like walking in this mud pool. The craiziest things was his 5 k run in 22 min in a higher altitude than Sta Fe. He also biked 10 miles and trained for a 1 mile swim, but he could not do it because the run killed him.
We visited him at camp, you could tell that he was happy we were there.
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Pioneer Hailey in service

Hailey loved her pioneer camp. Tha same week our stake had a service day. The Branch made lunches for families of people in the Hospital. She loved talking to people offering the food.

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