Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dallas/Six Flags

The kids swam in the Armadillo hotel in our way home. Harper loved it every minute, but I loved it every second because I did not have to go in the pool, the kids took care of her in the pool, they even fight their turn.


We had so much fun, Harper rode as many rides sje could. Harrison had a problem. he is too big for small rides and still scare for big rides, soon he had the courage to ride those big rides. Doug had a great ine going rides with the kids. Hunter and Hayden as usual big rides called them out.





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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas morning


I run from my bedroom when I hear the kids coming up, I am glad the camara was ready and here Harrison and Hailey coming to see Santa's gifts. I love this picture





Hailey was so excited, I am glad Santa ordered them three days ago from amazon after Hailey saying that Santa could not forget that request because Santa is all about reading.

This year, there was less noise and mess after unwrapping Santa's presents. Hunter and Hayden were not as anxious and loud as in the past, I guess they are growing up. Also, their present did not requiered big boxes or to assamble. I have mixfellings about it.

My kids got Just Dance 3 kinect and I just love it, It was a nice surprice for me. I danced like crazy and beat my kids.
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Chritmas Eve night


We had 2 families friends over for enchilada dinner and activities. As usual I was the only one singing the piñata song with the help of Kyle who knows Spanish.



We had games. there were family teams. We played, ginger cookie from fronthead to mouth, pompom on the nose, bag bite and marsmallows in the wreath.



My friend Jeny had a puppet Christmas story and the kids had parts, we all sang hyms beteween the story.

At the end we all have a wrapped candy bar and passed it around with a clue from a story reading, we all had a candy to end the night.
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Christmas eve


Our traditional Christmas Eve was as usual. In the morning we open secret santa, so kids can enjoy from giving each other.






We had a sleeding trip to the mountains like every year. The day was perfect. Harper stayed home with grandma. This is the first year I sled time after time, since I did not have babies to keep warm. Hailey did great going up the hill.
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Nutcracker play



Hailey and I joined a group of mothers and daugthers for lunch and tge play. I just love a girl time with her, next year Harper will be with us.
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hayden's 1st cycle cross race

Hayden started riding 2/3 times a week seriously riding with a team from school. He wanted to try cross racing and he loved it.
He ended in 5 place, not bad for 1st race.

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