Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend

It started with Harrison's performance Mexican dance. He did great and I did my Mexican scream. The kids learned the right steps with partners. So far, all my kids have participated in a Mexican folkloric dance. I love it.
Harrison and his partner down below.

On Wednesday, we all got on the rail runner from Abq to Santa Fe. It was an adventure. There were 12 kids and 9 adults. Above pic: Meg, Andrew, Hannah and Leah.
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Harrison absolutely loved the play time with cousins, Christian and Noah.
Hayden being a teen, playing on his i pod while chatting with grandma Ann.
The girls cousins being cute.

Almost everyone off the train. We first went to eat New Mexican food and have little trouble sitting such large group in a small restaurant, the food was amazing. Next we try to go to the plaza walking on the cold. We looked crazy with babies on strollers on the street.
We soon decided to find warm on a Whole Foods deli that was close to the train station. We drunk hot chocolate and hang out until was time to go to catch the train.

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After Thanksgiving eating dinner and delicious pies, we sang karaoke and dance for a while. After putting babies to sleep we watched a movie.
It will be funny in few years to see this picture.

Happy couples.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall 2010

Hailey is a 1st grader. This week she found Junie B Jones books, she read her first book in one day after school, she read all day and part of the morning before school. She can not wait to read the rest.
She had a presentation about Sunny Days and the sun was perfect shinning through the window. I am just enjoying life with her.
Hunter's Flag football team, whenever he is the running back is a guarantee touch down, he is really fast.
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Halloween 2010

It is a bad picture, I mostly took video of the dance. It was our first sucessful dance party, our friend brought his DJ equipment. Kids, teens, and adult hit the floor all night. I grow up with parties like this one. It has been my dream to enjoying parties with my own family. It made it posible that the kids are older and participated instead of just running around. We are panning to have them more often.
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The game was fun too, Hayden had the most cheetos on his head.

Hayden, Hailey and Heaven dress up but not Hunter and Harrison. It is sad my kids getting older to dress up.
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